The Author

A life long lover of books, I have tried my hand at writing many times through the years and failed. I’ve come to realize that at those times, simply, the time was not right. As a reader, I’ve always enjoyed novels. I was reading Harry Potter in the 3rd grade, when others were still figuring out what a book was. So my subconscious has always been oriented to the longer narration, and until 2016 my conscious mind wasn’t ready to fully express that. Now, thankfully, that has changed.

Of course, this is all the musing of a potential writer.

And the best of us say, many times over, “We’re all liars.”



I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but when I was around the age of six, my parents moved us to Stamping Ground. Louisville is the biggest city in the state, bordering the Ohio river, and is almost the exact opposite of the little farm town I grew up in. This mixture of northern liberal ideas, and southern conservative traditions, is the biggest impact, in my opinion, on who I am today. I come from a very humble background, farmers and blue collared workers, but literature was bred into me. My mother made a point of reading to my brother and I when we were young, something that in my generation is sadly a rarity. My grandparents had bookshelves in every room, Readers Digest collections, and histories of the past. Reading books, and also surrounding myself with them, is as much a part of me as my skin.

Writing has always fascinated me. The idea that someone can put words to paper, completely fabricated from their own mind, and change the course of some ones life, amazes me to this day as much as it did when an assistant teacher in my 2nd grade class read aloud to us ‘The Hobbit’. Ah, Tolkien. If I could attribute my obsession with books to any author, it would be him. I read his work today and still feel as if I’m that young little boy in Mrs. Horns class, learning of hobbits for the first time.

Now, I hope, it is my turn to follow in the footsteps of men and women such as him. I don’t aspire or expect to be as influential to the literary world as he was. Only to place a step in the path.